Doctor, Candidate of Sciences,a consultant specialising in leadership and culture, an expert in the nuanced realm of narrative intelligence. Arsen’s multifaceted role extends to being a mentor, coach, motivational speaker, liferunner, trainer, entrepreneur, and an accomplished author of books and methodologies.
As a co-founder of the International Coaching Academy, Arsen brings over three decades of business experience to the table. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been a source of inspiration and guidance for thousands of individuals, assisting them in discovering their rightful place in the vast landscape of the world.
Authentic winemaking is a profound undertaking that demands meticulous attention and nurturing. The grapevine, with a lifespan surpassing a century, begins bearing fruit within 3-4 years. However, it takes a span of 20 years for the wine derived from it to evolve into a truly distinctive elixir.

Much like the grapevine, individuals go on a journey with numerous trials, letting go of old ways of thinking and false ideas to find what makes them unique and important.

Our intellect, like the grapevine's maturation process, goes through a remarkable process of transformation. Intelligence seamlessly intertwines meanings and actions, propelling life to a heightened realm of causality. It serves as the catalyst for activating individuality, enabling us to achieve an unprecedented breakthrough in our life's trajectory. Embrace the opportunity to become extraordinary—an endeavour made simple with the right knowledge and approach
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